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Wouldn't you like to try building a sound home with natural materials?

We think it would be ideal if your house consisted only of natural materials.
Natural materials made from earth, stone, wood, paper, iron, and beeswax are said to be the basic body-friendly raw materials.
They are harmless, non-toxic, insulative, moisture regulating, waterproof, dustproof, soundproof, emit far-infared rays and are very effective against acid and ultraviolet rays.
In our opinion a house built of these materials should have a lifecycle of 50-60 years or more.

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Examples of Using Natural Materials/Click on a heading for a photo
Kitchen Counter and Storage
Timber and custom designs
Around the Sink and Kitchen
Superior functionality
Stone Sink and Kitchen
Constructed in beautiful stone
Plant-based Paint and Beeswax/ Interior and Exterior
Plant-based compounds and beeswax
Plant-based compounds and beeswax
Volcanic Ash Walls/ Interior
Volcanic ash use
Volcanic ash usage
White Diatomaceous Earth Walls/ Interior
White Diatomaceous Earth Walls/ Exterior White Diatomaceous Earth
White Diatomaceous Earth

Use of Natural Materials
Sick House Syndrome
Energy-Efficient Homes

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